St. Louis County Jail Statistics

These data were obtained from the St. Louis County jail system by the Justice Collaborative and reflect criminal bookings in the county from 2010-2017.

General Note: The raw data set contains many instances where an individual (indicated by the same booking number) is charged with multiple offenses, some of them more severe than others. In order to get a clear picture and avoid double counting, we ranked individuals by the severity of the charge and only counted the most severe charge when assessing time spent in jail. We also only counted distinct booking numbers to avoid counting the same person twice.

E.g. John Smith is charged with a murder (classified as a felony) and with speeding (classified as a citation) while trying to get away. John Smith does not get bail and spends time in jail.

It would be problematic to have a graph that implies that John spent a long time in jail because of a speeding citation. Instead, we count John’s experience only as a felony charge leading to time spent in jail pre-trial.

We rank the charges least to most severe according to this logic:

  1. Citation
  2. Misdemeanor
  3. Felony

In our citation statistics, we only count citations where the charge_severity = the maximum charge_severity for that booking number (individual). In other words, John Smith’s citation would not be counted in the citation-related statistics because his maximum charge severity is 3 (felony).

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Note: Our map only includes zip codes where over 50 individuals were charged.